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How Many Books is Too Many??

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Hey Fellow Book Lovers!

It is such a beautiful spring day today. While enjoying the warm weather, I let my mind wander to a recent incident at my local library. I went to the library to return a few books as well as take some out. As the librarian completed my transaction (is that the right word for taking out library books?) she said “Oh, you also have 9 books currently out” to which I replied “Yes”. She gave me a strange look and preceded to say “Well, since you just checked out 4 I wasn’t expecting to see you still had others”. Now, this is a new librarian. I have never seen her before or interacted with her. I just brushed it off and took my books, but I couldn’t help but keep thinking about it.

I’ve never had a librarian bother to mention how many books I had out before. If they aren’t due, why does it matter? Then I was thinking “Well, am I in the wrong for taking out so many books at once?”. I consistently have a stack of books from the library by my bedside. No, I don’t read them all before checking out more. I never questioned my methods until that conversation. I will most likely not stop what I am doing, but am curious what others think.

Does anyone else feel “guilty” for checking out so many books? I love my library and go at least once a week, many times more. Is there such thing as checking out too many books at once?


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