My Review/Request Policy

I only do reviews for fiction works. I accept requests for all fiction genres except for religious works. My blog posts reviews every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will try to fit in the requests as soon as possible. I accept e-books and hard copies of the works. I accept requests from authors, publishers, and independent writers. For contact or mailing information I can be reached by e-mail at

I rate the works on a scale from 1 to 4 stars. 

4 stars = Wow, that was great! I truly enjoyed this book from beginning to end.

3 stars = This was a good book. It was entertaining, but there were things about it I would have changed.

2 stars = There were many issues with the book. It wasn’t very enjoyable.

1 star = I truly disliked this book.

The reviews are always 100% honest. I will not sugar coat my review to avoid hurt feelings. As I hold a Master’s in English, I have learned to think critically and objectively on the works. I will always analyze it in a fair manner.


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