I Just Can’t Get Enough

Hi Fellow Book Lovers!

I was thinking the other day and realized that I may have a slight obsession with historical fiction about WWII. I don’t know what it is that draws me to it, but I just can’t get enough!

So far this year I have read 6 books on the subject, I have 2 on hold at the library, and have about 3 on my TBR shelf. 

Ever since I was young I enjoyed stories about others struggles or tragic wars and events. While I don’t enjoy non fiction, I feel  that historical fictions adds a great perspective on what happened while keeping me entertained. Every story I read I find out about new facts that I did not know. 

I have recently had an itch to read historical fiction/fiction about China, India and or the Middle East. If you have any recommendations, I would love some new reads! 🙂

Have you ever had a book subject you could not get enough of? 


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