Quick Life Update

So much has been going on lately! I have completely neglected the blog and I’m sorry! Thank you to those who still visit and leave comments. it is appreciated!

Well, the biggest life change recently is that……


We are pregnant with twins!!!! We are finally getting used to the idea and are excited. I am still early in the pregnancy, but doctors say all is looking good and we should be welcoming two little munchkins sometime in October.

These little blueberry sized babies have been kicking my butt. I am exhausted and feel like crap 24/7. Not to mention the weird hungry yet sick feeling constantly present. 

I haven’t gotten much reading done. Of course I continue to buy books though, so my TBR pile is only getting larger. I’m hoping to get my energy back soon and be able to sit down and read without falling asleep. 

For those who are aware of my engagement, we have moved the wedding up to March 24th. Being that I am already showing, I didn’t want to wait till June where I would be much bigger and uncomfortable. We have simplified the wedding a lot too and will be having a larger more relaxed get together to celebrate in upcoming months. 

Needless to say things have been pretty hectic. I hope to get reading and blogging again real soon! I really miss it! 

“See you” soon!


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