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Book to Film: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

what's eating gilbert grape 2
I was super excited to watch this movie. I really enjoyed the book and heard great reviews. I went to the library, picked up my copy and me and my fiance settled in to watch it. When the film ended I turned to him and before I could say anything he says, “What the hell did we just watch?! It’s over?! There was no character growth! It’s really over?!”.

I have to say, I agree with him. I think the acting was great. Leo and Johnny did a great job! But, the movie was kind of flat to me. I think it would have been better for the movie to incorporate more explanation about Gilbert and what was bothering him. It made the movie seem sort of pointless. In the book I knew what was eating Gilbert Grape, if I had just watched the movie I wouldn’t. I honestly believe that the movie was quite boring, which is very disappointing for me since I thought the book was good.

All in all, the book was way better. The only thing that I liked about the movie was the ending. It really wrapped up the story. Where the book left the ending up to the interpretation of the reader, the movie wrapped up every characters story.

***side note: I’m still trying to get my reading and blogging back on track. I will try to get my life together real soon***


5 thoughts on “Book to Film: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

      1. And I like these posts comparing a book to the movie :). I don’t usually like it when the movie changes things too much, but to really explore the differences and how they did or did not work is kind of interesting. I might try it with my current read-The Secret Life of Bees.

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      2. Thanks! Me neither, I understand why they do it, but I would appreciate them more if they stayed truer to the book. The Secret Life of Bees is such a great book and movie! I hope you decide to do it. I would love to read it and see what you thought.


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