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Another One Bites the Dust…

So, about two weeks ago, I posted about my struggle with not finishing books. Thanks to the comments I have come to realize that that is okay. Well, it has happened to me again. Only this time, this is a very popular book. I have seen it talked about on numerous blogs and given rave reviews.

And the book is…

Cinder. Written by Marissa Meyer.


I tried, I really did. I just did not like this book. I got to page 151 and decided I was done. It was such a cool concept. I read the synopsis and thought “Whoa! I must read this!!!”, but was so disappointed. There was so much more that could have been done to flesh out the story line. I found it flat and not enough explanation. There were four main areas that I really wish were better in the story.

  1. For this to be a first book I was hoping to have much more description then was given. I was having trouble picturing this new world with androids and robots. I would have liked to have more of an understanding of the time period as well. Clearly it was the future, but how far into the future? I saw a quick reference of time that said 108 A.T. or something of that nature, but no explanation as to what that means. I couldn’t picture what any of the characters looked like either. Very minimal description.
  2. I really didn’t care for any of the characters. I thought Peony would have had more of a personality. I found her to be shallow and annoying. Not that I would wish a fatal disease on anyone, but I wasn’t too heart broken when she contracted the plague. Yes, the stepmother was mean and so was Pearl, but it would have been nice for them to have more of a personality. I feel that she relied to much on the classic Cinderella and the characters and didn’t give them much of a back story. I felt no connection to any of the characters, even with Cinder.
  3. Where did these mean aliens come from? Since when are there different beings on other planets? This kind goes with #1 and how I wish I had more of a backstory to get a sense of this new world and what happened to change it.
  4. Why did no one like cyborgs? I didn’t understand that. Was there a big cyborg attack at one point? I was so confused as to where all this hatred and distrust came from. Quite frankly for Cinder to be primarily cyborg you couldn’t even tell.

It was these four main points that made me lose interest in the book. I am normally a pretty quick reader. I spent 4 days on this book and couldn’t seem to motivate myself to read it. I kept finding myself doing the math to see how much more I would have to read to finally finish it. I was incredibly bored. Am I the only one in my feelings on Cinder?

Are there any popular books that are praised that you did not enjoy? I would love to know what you think :-)!


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