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Book to Film: Of Mice and Men

of mice and men the movie

I watched the 1992 version of Of Mice and Men and I liked it!

I went to my library to get a copy and when I looked at the front I thought “Hey it’s lieutenant Dan!” (Forrest Gump reference) I will say that I enjoyed the movie a bit more then the book. The movie was very true to the book, but I think actually seeing the characters I felt a stronger connection to them.

When I pictured Lennie I thought of him with a much deeper voice, but in the movie his voice was much higher. I couldn’t help but smile because it made him sound younger, just like a toddler. He sounded so cute! I know that is strange to say, but it made him sound so much more innocent then I pictured.

I think Gary Sinise was a great pick for George as well. His size and voice was what I pictured in my head. I liked that in the movie they had him cry as he was telling Lennie about them living off the fat of the land one last time. While the book had me teary eyed, I balled like a baby in the movie.

While I could not stand Curly’s wife in the book, I sympathized with her more in the movie. Seeing her facial expressions you could really see her loneliness. I am sure she felt that she needed to show off her beauty to get the attention of the men. While Curly was horrible to her and everyone else, it must have been hard for her to not have any family near and her being forced to stay in the house all day. I think she should have left Lennie alone, but I don’t blame her for trying to take advantage of the one person who was willing to sit there and listen to her.

All in all I think this was a great adaptation. The directors did the story justice. I think they improved in some areas  and definitely made me feel more for the characters.

Has anyone seen this movie before? What did you think of it?


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