A Thank You Note to the Person Who Sparked my Interest in Reading

Last Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, you passed away. It is still hard to believe that on the day we are to give thanks you were not there. That same day, I thought of all the books that I was thankful for. One of them was A Fly Went By by Dr. Seuss. Do you remember that book? I was 4 years old, Mommy brought you home for a dinner with me and my sister. I just knew that you were going to be my new daddy. Wanting to impress you, I immediately announced that I could read. You played the shocked adult and allowed me to wow you with my new reading skills. I always thought that it was this book that sparked my love for reading but it was you.

Me and you always had books to talk about. You being a reader yourself, you got me interested in books I never thought I would enjoy, especially Stephen King. I thought he was too creepy, but the way you described the work and how much you loved it, I just knew if my daddy loves it, I am going to love it too. I did and I do.

Every time we discussed books you would always turn to Mommy and with such pride say “We have such a well read daughter”. I don’t think I appreciated that as much as I should have. I thank you for that pride you felt. It gave me confidence when it came to discussing books and even reading in public. Kids used to slightly tease me for enjoying my books on the school bus, but you always told me “So what?! You should be proud of your love of reading. It is becoming somewhat of a rare quality in people. Embrace it”. I thank you for that.

There is so much I have to be thankful to you for. I should have said it sooner, but I am saying it to you now. Thank you, Dad.

Do you have anyone special who sparked your interest in reading? I would love to hear about it.


4 thoughts on “A Thank You Note to the Person Who Sparked my Interest in Reading

  1. Every night, up until when I was four and I began to read for myself, my dad would sit me on his lap and read me a book called ‘Polly Pig and the Bee’. The same book, every single night – when I began talking along with him, my parents weren’t sure if it was because of sheer boredom or if I could actually read! Ever since, my dad has been my reading supporter, from bribing me to read certain books (or bets to see who could learn ‘The Lady of Shalott first!) to hunting out first editions together in second-hand stores. *sending condolences and cyber-hugs over your loss*

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