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Why I Wont Go See Victor Frankenstein


When I first heard there was a Frankenstein movie I was very excited. Frankenstein was the second classic that I read outside of schooling and I loved it!I felt Mary Shelley did a great job and also learned that a lot of what is said about the monster Frankenstein is not true. My whole idea of what the story was about was wrong.While I don’t blame anyone for my ignorance, I was disappointed that such a beautiful story was not known by many because of Hollywood attempting to make it out to be something else.  30 seconds into the newest trailer and my excitement died away.

In my opinion, the movie is Frankenstein done wrong. They portray Victor as this mad scientist who is making a continuous flow of grotesque creatures. Igor initially has a hunched back, but Victor fixes it and it allows him to stand up straight. Finally the monster is literally a monster who is on a killing spree without thought. I had hopes that it would be like the newest The Great Gatsby Film, which I have reviewed and loved. I thought they would modernize the original story a bit to have it appeal to the newest generation. I was wrong.

My problem with this is that, I am not saying all, many young adults tend to take what they see in the movies and apply it as truth. I know I was shocked by my ignorance on the true story, I would imagine other youngsters would be too. Apparently, the director said the original tale is “as dull as dishwater”. Well with that kind of attitude towards a classic work no wonder he felt the need to make a mockery of its beauty. Although it may be mean to say, but I was glad to see that many of the top critics found this movie to be a horrible retelling and not doing the original work justice. As of right now, I don’t think I could bring myself to watch this movie.

*** I in no way mean to offend anyone who has seen the movie or thinks that it looks good. This is all based on my own opinion and thoughts. I am just very passionate about things like this. ***

Has anyone seen Victor Frankenstein, if so what did you think? What did you think of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?


2 thoughts on “Why I Wont Go See Victor Frankenstein

  1. I absolutely loved the book and I agree with everything you just wrote. I was also, very excited for this film, but after watching the trailer I felt disappointed and I read this project had a lot of problems in production and how would you want to do a movie if you don’t have respect or passion for the original work, the director is an idiot honestly. I haven’t seen the movie though it has two of my favourite actors, but I’ve seen reviews that say the movie was very dull itself. Nowadays some people just want to make this huge movies, full of special affects, lots of CGI (really bad most of the time) and no plot, no depth at all. I do like big actions movies, but some stories need to be told and show in a more meaningful way.


    1. very well put! Hollywood is all about making the most exciting movie they don’t seem to appreciate the actual writing. I feel that maybe I would have looked at the movie differently if they weren’t trying so hard to change the original story. Apparently the movie only made approximately 1.5 million opening weekend. That goes to show that more action and affects does not equal better.


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