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Supporting My Local Library

Until recently I had no idea my library sold books! I always saw these signs  about $1 videos, but never the books. While waiting to meet a friend I came across the $1 bookshelf! I kept thinking “Really, each book a dollar?! Yeah right”, but to my pleasant surprise the sign read true. I grabbed anything that looked interesting. On the way home I stopped at another branch and bought 3 more. Now, every time I go to the library I stop and scan what they have available. I was on a book buy strike, but with such a deal I could not pass this up.

What made me even more excited about this mini book store is that all proceeds go to the library and helping it run. I am sure my town was not the only one to have libraries threatening to close or reduce hours. While our local branches have not shut down, they have cut hours in more then one of the branches. That is scary enough, I want to be able to support my library as best as I can.

With new books coming out every week, I know I can’t afford to buy all of the books I read. I visit both of my library branches so often I am on a first name basis with most of the staff. If anything, I think I value my library more then I do Barnes and Noble or did Borders. Recently, I heard a radio DJ speak about how out dated it was to have a library card. I was shocked. On top of that numerous people called in and agreed! I could not comprehend such an outlook when the library has so much to offer.

Do you visit your library regularly?


4 thoughts on “Supporting My Local Library

  1. My library always has there books for sale right as you walk in the door, and I take a peek but I have never bought anyone. Usually because I’m trying to chase my two year old either in or out the door lol, maybe one day I will get some time to check them out. It looks like you got some good books!

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