Books I am thankful for

Happy Turkey Day!!


I recently read a post by Alamania called Books I’m thankful for. I thought that this was a great idea! As with all book lovers, books take up a large and special place in our hearts. When I stopped and thought about specific books that meant something to me I began to realize just how thankful I am for these books in my life.

  1. A Fly Went By : At 4, this was the first book I learned to read by myself. I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find a copy! I loved this book growing up, and to this day my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I give thanks to this book for starting my love affair with books.
  2. The Bluest Eye : I have mentioned it before, but I love Toni Morrison. It was this book that really opened my eyes to the world and a struggle many black women face. Thank goodness I have never had self esteem issues because of my darker complexion, but as I have learned this is a rare thing for many black women. This work has driven me to read more diverse books. I give thanks to this book for expanding my mind.
  3. Dracula: For years, I felt that classic books were meaningless and boring. I didn’t think that I could get anything from them. I don’t remember what made me do it, but a few years back I decided to read Dracula. I absolutely loved it. I began to realize that I prefer my vampires less sparkly and actual monsters. While I have not read many classic books, which I am working to correct now, Dracula is by far one of my favorites. It led me to read Anne Rice and others like her. I give thanks to this book for broadening my horizons.
  4. The Game of Thrones series: I am not much a t.v. watcher. I binge watch a show for a week or two and it takes me FOREVER to pick it up again. So, I have not watched GoT. However, I have read all of the books. Upon meeting my boyfriend, I found out he was a GoT fan. While we had a lot in common this was something that brought us even closer. He has recently picked up the books and is currently reading the 4th. I always hoped that I could find a partner who was willing to read some books that we could share. I love snuggling up in bed or on the couch with our books and reading together. It is something I have never been able to do with other men. His TBR pile is growing and I can’t wait to read and discuss more books with him. I give thanks to these books for bringing me love.

What books are you thankful for?


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