Looking for Alaska Book Review

Looking for Alaska


Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Title: Looking for Alaska

Author: John Green

Published: 2005

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780142402511

Miles “Pudge” Halter’s whole existence has been one big nonevent, and his obsession with famous last words has only made him grave the “Great Perhaps” (Francois Rabelais, poet) even more. He heads off to the sometimes crazy, possibly unstable, and anything-but-boring world of Culver Creek Boarding School, and his life becomes the opposite of safe. Because down the hall is Alaska Young. The gorgeous, clever, funny, sexy, self destructive, screwed-up, and utterly fascinating Alaska Young, who is an event unto herself. She pulls Pudge into her world, launches him into the Great Perhaps, and steals his heart.


I really like John Green. I find that all of his books are very entertaining and keep my interest. This book was no different. For entertainment purposes I gave it the 3 stars. However, I am finding his books to be a bit redundant. They are all becoming the same. Misfit falls for incredibly cool sexy girl who he thought he knew, but some major event changes that and he learns this major lesson. I’ve seen it before and am finding it slightly boring. I read Paper Towns before this book and found it very similar. The only difference was the setting and character names. I don’t think that this is just John Green, but seems to be current trend in Young Adult novels. For this reason, I don’t hold it against him.

I felt that some of the characters fell flat. I didn’t feel any connection to them. I don’t really feel as if I know any of them. This was a quick read; I finished it in one day.  I almost felt as if the writing was slightly rushed. I think there could have been some really great messages within the text, especially with someone in Alaska’s situation, but it was not explained well. I would have liked to see a more in depth understanding of Alaska and what she had gone through. She continued to be vague and still remains a mystery to me. It makes it hard for me to understand or even feel much of an emotion during the climax of the book. There wasn’t much of anything interesting about the characters, but as I said I was still surprisingly entertained.

All in all, I can see why this novel won an award and also why it can be seen as controversial as it made its way to the top 10 most challenged banned books this past year. There were just some things that I would have liked changed and explained better. I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a an entertaining but quick read.


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