The Glass Magician Review

The Glass Magician


Rating: 4 Stars

Title: The Glass Magician

Author: Charlie N. Holmberg

Published: November 2014

Publisher: 47North

ISBN: 9781477828694

Favorite quote: “I can wait two years, she thought, turning the rose in her hand. I can wait two years for him, longer if need be. If he would ever love me, I’d wait my entire life.” – The Glass Magician – Page 119

In this installment to The Paper Magician Trilogy, Ceony once again finds herself up against hardened magicians wanting to take away her lively hood. Her time with Emery may be coming to an end if they cannot defeat the forces of the dark arts before all those she loves are killed.

As with the first book, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. They are quick reads but definitely keep the reader engaged. What I have found I like the most about Holmberg is that she doesn’t spend much time going into too much detail, but intertwines it within the actions of the characters. At times I often forget the era and found the character Dahlia to be a bit of a pain. Yet, because of the time that the story took place her behavior of being overly dramatic was almost expected of women during this time. I also enjoy the love story that is blossoming as a back story to the action. All in all there is not much to say about this book other then that I would highly recommend this.


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