Secondhand Souls Review

Secondhand Souls


Rating: 3 Stars

Title: Secondhand Souls

Author: Christopher Moore

Published: August 2015

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780061779787

Favorite Quote: They’re all so gifted.” Jane said ‘gifted’ with a tone normally reserved for reference to skin-boring parasites. “You know one mother has her kid in Ninjitsu. Ninja lessons! Kid is seven, why does she need invisible assassin skills?” – Secondhand Souls — page 223

14 inches tall, head of a crocodile, feet of a duck, and wearing a purple satin wizard’s robe, Charlie Asher is back. Oh, and did I forget to mention his10 inch schlong that drags the floor when he walks? In 2006 Christopher Moore introduced the tall handsome merchant, Charlie Asher, in A Dirty Job. Now he is back, his soul trapped in a monstrosity created by his girlfriend, the Buddhist nun, Audrey, who so happens to also be carrying the soul of his dead wife. In this tale the teams comes together, including Minty Fresh, the Death Merchant Pimp, and retired Inspector Alphonse Rivera to stop a new evil in San Francisco.

I have been a fan of Christopher Moore since I had read his vampire trilogy. There isn’t anything by him that I have yet to read. His work is hilarious and often makes fun of what society deems taboo or fearful. I was not disappointed with this work. All of the characters were hilarious, including his wise-cracking and potty mouth daughter, Sophie, who is now 7 years old. I like that all of his work is very unique and has a distinct tone that is strictly his. I really neat feature I found to be smart of those who designed the cover jacket was that the letters glow. When I was putting the book down, after I turned off the lamp, I saw that the words glowed. I let out an audible ‘ooooooooohhh’

The one thing I would say was a downfall is that there was such a gap between this work and A Dirty Job. I was often confused or had difficulty remembering some of the references. If you read A Dirty Job when it came out, I would recommend rereading it, or at least finding a well detailed summary. Maybe it is because I am older and have a different outlook on things, but I found Minty Fresh to be a character very hard to stomach this time around. He was in the first book, but I was much younger when I read it. I found his “pimp” style to be sickeningly stereotypical of black men and their portrayal in the media. It made it even worst when he has a cousin that appears named Lemon Fresh, Really? The only redeeming thing about this part of the book is when they are called out by a customer in Minty Fresh’s store for their attire and speech. There were also quite a few grammatical errors. Other then these few details, I still found that I enjoyed the book. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a light and humorous read.


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