Book Review: Stephen King Revival

Stephen King Revival


Rating: 4star

Title:  Revival

Author: Stephen King

Published: 2015

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476770383

“In one way, at least, our lives really are like movies. The main cast consists of your family and friends. The supporting cast is made up of neighbors, co-workers, teachers, and daily acquaintances. There are also bit players: the supermarket checkout girl with the pretty smile, the friendly bartender at the local watering hold, the guys you work out with at the gym three days a week. And there are thousands of extras” – Stephen King Revival


I don’t think I can ever express in words how much I love Stephen King. No matter the subject matter of his novels, they always hold my interest to the very end. Revival was no different. The story had so many various aspects and themes. There was deception, faith, loss of faith, drug use, death, loss, and of course the supernatural. The story follows the life of Jamie Morton, who met Charles Daniel Jacobs at the age of 6. He came to their small town as the young pastor of their church. All the women loved him and all the men loved his wife. After a terrible accident and what is referred to as the bad sermon, Jacobs leaves the town.

Years later, Jamie addicted to Heroin and finding himself recently out of a job as a rhythm guitarist, he comes across the path of Charles Jacobs again. What seems like an innocent encounter, and blessing, creates a bond and pact between the two men that will haunt Jamie for the rest of his life. Jacob’s secret obsession is not only a cure, but leads to a startling and haunting truth for thousands. As the story follows Jamie over 50 plus years, this novel speaks to the oldest question of human kind, what happens after you die?

Every time King comes out with another book, I always wonder, how does Stephen King not run out of ideas? They are always so unique, especially the villains. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, even those who are not into horror reads. This story adds on to the fear for many that there is nothing after we die. As always, King knows how to feed into societal fears and touch each of his readers.


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