Minority of the Month

I am adding an interesting feature to the blog. The second Wednesday of every month, I want to highlight a minority author. I feel that many minority authors are not given enough shine and credit for what they do. It is a hot topic and issues that many minorities, whether that be Black, White, Hispanic, and or Asian, feel there is a lack of minority characters and authors. It is important for many to be able to relate with their characters in someway. It can be difficult when the many characters you read do not highlight the plights of your particular group. It is because of this that I would like to make a monthly post and introduce these many brilliant minority authors and their works. They will not always be new works, but I do plan to highlight their talent.

This month I will be starting with Toni Morrison. I was first introduced to her by my parents and later during my college career. Starting with her first novel, The Bluest Eye, I was hooked. This month I will be discussing Song of Solomon and its importance to our society.



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