Finders Keepers Book Review

Finders Keepers


Rating: 4 stars

Title : Finders Keepers

Author: Stephen King

Published: 2015

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 978-1501100079

The King of Horror Novels, Stephen King, has done it again. I have been a fan of his works for quite some time. After reading The Shining, I quickly began to read through his others works. I first read Mr. Mercedes last year and loved the characters and their development and growth throughout the story. I was pleased to find that that was only the beginning to a trilogy. The newest installation, Finders Keepers, once again highlights the characters Hodges, Jerome, and Holly. The unlikely trio teams up again to save Peter Saubers and his sister, Tina Saubers, after finding himself in an unlikely situation faced up against a hardened criminal, Morris Bellamy, obsessed with his found treasure, unpublished books by the famous author John Rothstein.

What I have found interesting about King’s last few books is that while he is known for his horror works, he has found a way to incorporate that into murder mysteries/suspense novels. After reading Mr. Mercedes and getting through most of Finders Keepers, I was convinced that King had abandoned the supernatural, but not Mr. King! At the end of Finders Keepers we get a peek into the final installation of the trilogy, tentatively titled, End of Watch. We will get to see more of our three heroes and my prediction is the return of an old friend. I am very much looking forward to the final installation.

The great thing about Stephen King is that he never bores me. The man has been writing for years, publishing his first book , Carrie, in 1974. I have read everything and will always come back for more. His writing style is unique and captivating. What I truly enjoy is the constant evolution of the characters throughout the novels. As seen with the first novel, you see Holly changing as she is working her way out of her shell. By the second book, she is less of the recluse she was in her first introduction. Hodges continues to work on his health and technique of a private detective. Lastly, Jerome is no longer the high-schooler we first met, but now a more mature college student.  What also makes King consistently entertaining is that his villains are never the same. There is always something unique and different about them. They all have a different story to tell. What I think makes them so scary, whether they are a clown in a sewer drain, a cat that has come back from the dead, or a loner with mommy issues,  is that they often blend right into current societal fears. As the years have passed his writing has evolved with society, allowing for the fears of each generation to enter his writing. We no longer fear the boogey man in the closet, but the solitary man who walks down the street.


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